QC Electronics: How to Market Pre-Owned Equipment

QC Electronics buys and sells capital equipment in the electronics industry. Craig Curk founded the company in 2005 after he gained nearly twenty years of experience in the electronics industry. QC Electronics supplies Quad equipment as well as other necessary machines. Mr. Curk had already gained years of experience in developing a sales team and understood the importance of marketing.

One tip for marketing pre-owned equipment is to know your target group. The term ‘capital equipment’ refers to assets such as vehicles, machinery, computer systems, and more. Capital equipment can be expensive. Some companies may prefer to purchase pre-owned machinery in order to save on costs. Other companies may even prefer to lease capital equipment. You can target your marketing campaign to companies that may not be able to afford new equipment.

Another tip is to highlight the benefits that your company offers. You can demonstrate your equipment to your clients and you can educate potential buyers on how you test and repair pre-owned equipment.

A third tip is to cultivate relationships with your clients. If you sell pre-owned equipment, you will need to generate a level of trust with your clients. If your buyers are satisfied with your services, they may purchase more equipment from you in the future and recommend you to others.

QC Electronics tests and refurbishes pre-owned equipment for companies in the electronics industry. Craig Curk created the company and focused on buying and selling Quad Machinery. QC Electronics has branched out since its inception and has supplied many companies with machinery.


About QC Electronics

QC Electronics buys and sells electronics manufacturing equipment. This company specializes in Quad equipment. It also works with Surface Mount Technology (SMT) equipment. This company purchases used equipment and then refurbishes it. They test the equipment and then do any repairs necessary. This company then sells equipment to electronics manufacturing companies. QC Electronics often acts as an equipment brokerage in this industry.
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