QC Electronics Opens a New Warehouse in Ohio

QC Electronics purchases, refurbishes, markets, and sells equipment in the electronics industry. This company has worked hard to develop its reputation in this industry. QC Electronics is based in the northern part of Kentucky. However, it also has facilities in others states. One of its main facilities is in Dayton, Ohio. QC Electronics recently opened a new warehouse facility in Springboro, Ohio as well. These facilities play an important role in the operations of the company.

QC Electronics specializes in Quad equipment. They also provide their customers with Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Surface Mount Device (SMD) equipment. Many of these machines are large and complex. This equipment needs to be stored a specific way. Their storage facilities are equipped to keep the machinery safe.

QC Electronics also uses their facilities for testing. This company purchases used equipment, and therefore must test it before reselling it. They check for flaws or any malfunctions. If something is broken, the professionals with this company fix the equipment. This company also demonstrates equipment for their customers. This is an important part of their sales process since the equipment is refurbished.

QC Electronics has announced the opening of a new facility in Springboro, Ohio. This facility will be used for the testing and the demonstration of electronics manufacturing equipment. The warehouse is equipped with two shipping bays as well as a demo facility. QC Electronics works hard to provide its clients with refurbished equipment that is in good condition. This company depends on its facilities to accomplish that goal.


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About QC Electronics

QC Electronics buys and sells electronics manufacturing equipment. This company specializes in Quad equipment. It also works with Surface Mount Technology (SMT) equipment. This company purchases used equipment and then refurbishes it. They test the equipment and then do any repairs necessary. This company then sells equipment to electronics manufacturing companies. QC Electronics often acts as an equipment brokerage in this industry.
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