QC Electronics Installs Equipment for Excel Electronics

QC Electronics is a reputable equipment broker in the electronics industry. This company purchases equipment such as Quad assemblers, feeders, and accessories as well as Surface Mount Device (SMD) and Surface Mount Technology (SMT) equipment. This company provides its clients with a wide range of essential services. QC Electronics works with a wide range of clients including Excel Electronics located in Elkhart, Indiana.

In 2016, QC Electronics installed two SMD lines at Excel Manufacturing. An SMD line is an assembly machine that creates SMDs. SMT is a method for creating and producing electronic circuit boards. These boards have components that are mounted directly onto the surface of a printed circuit board. Creating these circuit boards if often an important process for electronics manufacturing companies such as Excel Electronics.

The installation at Excel Electronics included two MPM automatic screen printers, two Samsung SM320 assemblers and two Vitronics 820 reflow ovens. QC electronics not only sold this equipment to Excel Electronics, but they also installed the equipment. The professionals with this company provided training to the employees of Excel Electronics as well. The employees with Excel Electronics received training on how to operate the machinery, and on how to perform basic maintenance.

The professionals with QC Electronics always strive to meet all of their client’s needs. They worked hard to install Excel Electronics’ equipment and to train the employees at this company. QC Electronics is a reputable and successful company that sells high quality used equipment to companies that work within the electronics industry.

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About QC Electronics

QC Electronics buys and sells electronics manufacturing equipment. This company specializes in Quad equipment. It also works with Surface Mount Technology (SMT) equipment. This company purchases used equipment and then refurbishes it. They test the equipment and then do any repairs necessary. This company then sells equipment to electronics manufacturing companies. QC Electronics often acts as an equipment brokerage in this industry.
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