QC Electronics: Succeeding in the Electronics Industry

QC Electronics buys and sells pre-owned electronics equipment to companies in the United States. The company offers a wide range of services including, supplying “equipment that has been tested and inspected,” the “refurbishment of equipment if requested,” and “to buy and sell pre-owned Quad equipment.” The company was established in 2001 by Craig Curk and has gained many clients. Craig Curk has more than two decades of experience in the electronics industry, and he created a company to supply businesses with pre-owned capital equipment.

The electronics industry can be highly competitive and can require expensive equipment. Succeeding in the electronics industry often requires networking, a specialized knowledge, and great customer service. QC Electronics purchases pre-owned electronics equipment, refurbishes it, and then sells the equipment to other companies. QC Electronics offers installation services as well as training services. Since its inception, the company has created a broad client base and has built a positive reputation for itself. QC Electronics has been in the electronics industry for more than a decade and brokers capital equipment to other companies.

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QC Electronics: How to Market Pre-Owned Equipment

QC Electronics buys and sells capital equipment in the electronics industry. Craig Curk founded the company in 2005 after he gained nearly twenty years of experience in the electronics industry. QC Electronics supplies Quad equipment as well as other necessary machines. Mr. Curk had already gained years of experience in developing a sales team and understood the importance of marketing.

One tip for marketing pre-owned equipment is to know your target group. The term ‘capital equipment’ refers to assets such as vehicles, machinery, computer systems, and more. Capital equipment can be expensive. Some companies may prefer to purchase pre-owned machinery in order to save on costs. Other companies may even prefer to lease capital equipment. You can target your marketing campaign to companies that may not be able to afford new equipment.

Another tip is to highlight the benefits that your company offers. You can demonstrate your equipment to your clients and you can educate potential buyers on how you test and repair pre-owned equipment.

A third tip is to cultivate relationships with your clients. If you sell pre-owned equipment, you will need to generate a level of trust with your clients. If your buyers are satisfied with your services, they may purchase more equipment from you in the future and recommend you to others.

QC Electronics tests and refurbishes pre-owned equipment for companies in the electronics industry. Craig Curk created the company and focused on buying and selling Quad Machinery. QC Electronics has branched out since its inception and has supplied many companies with machinery.

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QC Electronics shares Three Ways to Cultivate Client Relationships

QC Electronics helps organizations buy the hardware that they require. The organization offers pre-claimed and renovated capital gear. It provides customers with training services as well as installation and spare parts.

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QC Electronics – Lead-Free Wave Soldering Equipment

QC Electronics urges companies that are considering switching to the lead-free wave soldering equipment to make sure they consider the full impact on the business operations. For those considering moving away from wave soldering, one important consideration is the cost of converting your equipment. Not only will companies have to change to a new type of soldering equipment but they will probably have to upgrade their solder pot as well. As a wave solder pot is made specifically to hold a specific type of alloy, and can be aggressive towards other materials.

QC Electronics

For companies that are using older equipment, it will require more maintenance compared to new lead-free wave soldering equipment. It all depends on the condition of the machine, and older machines should continue to be used until they are fully depreciated as switching to a new equipment can be really expensive. Plus, it is important to understand that existing wave solder equipment produces tin-lead alloys that are denser than lead-free alloys. This means that the hardware from older equipment will sink to the bottom of a soldering pot. For this reason, it is important to replace all parts on your assembly line that are not designed for lead-free soldering with titanium parts.

If your company is ready to make the switch to lead-free wave soldering equipment, QC Electronics states that there are a few important decisions to be made. For those using a “no clean” process a more aggression flux may be needed, a different type of solder alloy should be used and the application details will also change. all of these factors should be considered when making the switch to lead-free.

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QC Electronics – Board Cleaning Equipment

When it comes to printed circuit boards (PCBs) companies must decide whether they will stick with a “no clean” process or a “cleaning” process. Professionals like those at QC Electronics say there are many factors to be considered, from the cost to rebuild the assemblies to the environment the PCB will be exposed to. A lot of electronics assembly equipment has evolved over the years to use a “no clean” process. While many companies have successfully used this process in the automotive, telecom, computer and industrial industries, there are many reasons to clean.

QC Electronics

A “no clean process” involves using high rosin liquid fluxes, just like the traditional “RMA” solder pastes that worked with the white water gum rosin. This process reduces the overall cost per assembly, reduces material handling and decreases cycle time. At the same time, it reduces the cost to store cleaning chemicals and equipment. However, companies are facing a tough challenge to provide “no clean” materials that will produce reliable results and satisfy today’s standards.

There will always be a need, according to QC Electronics, to clean, to improve functionality and reliability of electronics. A cleaning process ensures that the equipment will continue to work properly and improve efficiencies in the business.

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QC Electronics – Tips For Marketing Used Equipment

QC Electronics buys and sells used electronics equipment, including Quad machines, printers, ovens and board cleaners. Marketing used equipment is often tricky, especially as some customers may prefer to purchase brand new or have preconceived notions of the quality they will receive when buying pre-owned. The following marketing tips will all prove useful if you wish to generate more interest.

QC Electronics

Ensure Quality

Quality should be at the forefront of all of your business process, so make sure you carry out thorough inspections on any equipment that you purchase with the intention to sell. You should also carry out regular follow-up inspections and maintenance on the equipment in your store so you can feel sure that it will provide what your clients need when they come to make their purchases.

Be Honest

Some pre-owned equipment will come with wear and tear or other issues that clients need to be made aware of. Trying to hide such issues can lead to the loss of trust in your relationships with your customers, resulting in less business and poor word of mouth. As such, it is crucial that you are honest and detailed when speaking about any pre-owned equipment with your customers.

Do Your Research

QC Electronics prices items carefully to ensure they remain competitive. You need to understand a number of things about the pre-owned equipment that you sell, such as market demand and loss of value over time. Pricing your equipment too highly could lead to potential customers taking their business elsewhere, again resulting in a loss of sales.


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QC Electronics – Capital Equipment Leasing Tips For Small Businesses

QC Electronics offers a wide range of high-end electronic equipment, all of which has been thoroughly inspected and tested before retail. Capital leasing of such equipment can prove useful for smaller businesses, particularly those that have short-term needs for such equipment or those that are unable to afford the initial investments required to purchase them outright. If you are considering capital leasing as an option, try to keep the following in mind.

QC Electronics

Understand The Benefits

You will often need to work with an equipment lease financing provider during the course of the process, so it is crucial that you understand the need for the equipment you are looking to lease and the specific benefits that it will provide to your business. Outline all of these in your application, with relevant figures attached, to ensure you stand a higher chance of securing the financing you need to lease the equipment.

Multiple Leases

If you need to lease multiple pieces of equipment, it is usually best to build all of these into a single agreement with your supplier. This will allow for discounts to be provided due to leasing higher volumes, whereas you may find you end up paying more if you only try to lease one piece of equipment at a time.

Trusted Suppliers

QC Electronics ensures that all of its equipment works to the highest possible standard before selling or leasing. Do your research prior to leasing so that you ensure you are working with a supplier that is known for quality in terms of reliability and the equipment provided.

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